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We are always looking for ways to raise funds to support the Club's activities and keep costs down for individual Club members. Please see below for our current fundraising initiatives that you can support with to support the Club and its players:

1. Sponsors

A huge thank you to our sponsors for the 2017-2018 season, Kids Allowed and CHC. Your support is greatly appreciated by all the players. 

2. EasyFundraising

This is a simple, easy way to raise funds for the Club whilst doing your online shopping....and it doesn't cost you anything! So how do you do it?

(i) Download the Easyfundraising app to your phone or save the webpage to your computer (click     here).

(ii) Create an account / register, selecting your "cause" as YWCA Bury Netball Club.

(iii) When shopping online, go via the app/website to the specific shopping site that you want (e.g. Amazon and ASOS).

(iv) When you make a purchase, that shopping website will donate to the Club so that we raise money for FREE! It doesn't cost you any more than you were already spending on your shopping!

3. EasySearch

Rather than using Google to run your internet searches, please go via EasySearch. Every time you search using this search engine, a small contribution is made to the Club. You just need to select YWCA Bury Netball Club as your cause before you search, then off you go.

4. Greetings Cards

Throughout the season, we ask players to sell greetings cards to make a small profit for the Club. These are handed out at training. Please do your best to sell them to friends and family.

5. Raffle

Further information coming soon.

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